Pause…and RE-SET!

Sometimes my life is like a movie…it can be a comedy, a horror show, a romantic love story, a tragedy… Whatever the case may be, my life is busy! And sometimes I find it necessary to push “pause” so I can RE-SET and move forward with passion, intention, and purpose. Finding balance is something I always strive for but is not easy to achieve. The fitness and nutrition industry is thriving and keeps me moving at a fast pace. It can be very challenging at times to meet the needs of my clients and maintain the high level of energy they deserve…it’s not easy to be always “ON”. I’m grateful that the summer months are quiet in my business. It gives me time to rest, recover, and re-charge. This week-end I was fortunate enough to carve out some time for ME as I attended the CanFitPro Conference in Toronto, with 15,000 fitness professionals from all over. I’m grateful for the opportunity to have spent three days with my industry peers and friends, and to workout with some very well known and respected leaders in my field. For three days I soaked up every bit of vibrancy and energy that I was immersed in, I learned some new skills, made some new friends, and had a lot of fun! I am reminded of how fortunate I am to be living the life I love, and loving the life I live. Every day I work with people, helping them to make lifestyle changes so they may become happier and healthier people and hopefully loving the life they live as well. It’s a privilege to share in the personal journey of another person and very rewarding to celebrate their successes along the way. Lucky me!

I’ve returned from this experience with new tools and ideas to share with my clients and renewed energy and enthusiasm to bring to every class I teach and client I train. Game on! I’m ready…are you!?

It’s important to push the “pause” button every once in a while…take time for yourself to RE-SET your mind and body so you can be the best you can be and give the most you can give every day. You are no good to anyone else if you are not good to yourself. Go ahead…push “pause”…you’re worth it!

Have a happy, healthy day!

Signed, Denise