It’s Time to Supplement with Vitamin D

Vitamin D is known as the SUNSHINE vitamin! The days are getting shorter and as we approach winter the angle of the sun changes. Additionally with colder temperatures we cover our skin almost completely when outside. Your skin makes vitamin D when it’s exposed to sunlight, so without it, you are likely to become deficient of this important vitamin.

There are many positive benefits of vitamin D including; it’s role in calcium absorption (for strong bones and reduced risk of osteoporosis), research suggests it lowers cancer risk (especially colorectal and breast cancer), it keeps your immune system healthy and may be associated with autoimmune disorders like rheumatoid arthritis and multiple sclerosis.

How much do you need? Health Canada recommendations are 600 IU per day up to age 70 and 800 IU per day over 70. The safe upper limit for adults is 4,000 IU per day. Osteoporosis Canada recommends daily supplements of 400 to 1,000 IU for adults under age 50 without osteoporosis conditions affecting vitamin D absorption. For adults over 50, supplements of between 800 and 2,000 IU are recommended.

The only natural sources of vitamin D are fatty fish such as salmon and sardines with smaller amounts in eggs and beef. Most of our dietary vitamin D comes from fortified foods such as; cow’s milk, infant formula, soy or rice beverages.

I recommend supplementing with vitamin D, at least during the winter months, to maintain good health.

Get your dose of the SUNSHINE vitamin today!

Signed, Denise