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Take the Kitchen with You!

Eating healthy when you’re away from home can be made easy with a little planning and time management.  When you leave home each day, be sure to take a cooler filled with fresh, nutritious food.  Armed with everything you need for the day, you’ll be able to avoid fast-food, vending machines, and even worse; skipped meals.  Here are some strategies to make “taking the kitchen with you” a little easier:

  • Designate a shop, chop, and cook day.  This is the day to plan and prepare for the week ahead.  Make big batches of food that will be easily packed into your daily cooler or for family meals at home.  The time you invest on this day will save you time, money, and poor food choices for the rest of the week.
  • Make an extra serving at dinner for tomorrow’s lunch.
  • Wash, cut, and store fresh vegetables as soon as you get home from the grocery store.  They’ll be easy to grab-n-go.
  • Think about how many hours you’ll be away from home; pack enough food to eat a small meal every two to three hours…and one extra (you never know when you’ll be away a little longer than expected).
  • And my favourite!  Pocket Food!  Always have a little bag of something in your purse or pocket…nuts, trail mix, granola bars, whole food meal replacement bars, etc.

Wherever life takes you…be prepared…take the kitchen with you!

Have a happy, healthy day!
Signed, Denise

September 17, 2012 0 Comments