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What Motivates You?

Let’s face it…exercise is work.  It takes dedication and commitment to stick to the plan.  Sometimes you have to dig deep and talk yourself through a workout.  Sometimes you simply don’t feel like exercising. Maybe you can’t even get the plan off the ground.

What motivates people to push themselves?  What does it take to stay committed to a goal?  What is the secret to success for YOU?  What motivates YOU?

Here are a few things that motivate me.  And a few more that may motivate YOU.

  • How do you feel after a workout?

    You know that great feeling you have after a good sweaty workout…yes! Think about how good you’re going to feel next time.

  • Read blogs and magazines.

    Reading about the journey of another person can help you learn from their experiences.  Reading success stories will empower and inspire you.

  • Time for YOU.

    Make “you” time a priority and don’t miss your exercise appointment.  You spend so much time taking care of others, it’s important to care for yourself too.  Think of it as a mini-holiday from your daily responsibilities.

  • Stress relief.

    Exercise is a great way to work off life’s stressors. Stop stressing about not exercising…and exercise.

  • Keep an exercise log.

    Writing down your exercise sessions is important and can be a very useful tool.  Do it for one week…you’ll see.

  • Take a before picture.

    You often don’t see how much you’ve progressed. Taking pictures will help you to see the changes and motivate you to keep going.  Say “cheese” regularly.

  • The “yuck” factor.

    Remember how yucky you feel when you don’t exercise. Remind yourself of that when you feel tired or uninspired to exercise.

  • Post it on social media.

    Tell people about your weight loss and/or exercise goals, and report to them.  You’ll make it happen when you know people are paying attention

Have a happy, healthy day!
Signed, Denise

September 17, 2012 0 Comments