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  • HEALTH Package

    HEALTH Package

    With health promoting foods and lifestyle changes you can achieve optimum health and wellness. Learn how you can correct system imbalances and restore your health…naturally. Included in this Package: •… Continue Reading →



    Get a plan that works for you…a customized training program and personalized nutritional recommendations for a better body…inside and out! Included in this Package: • Comprehensive Nutritional Assessment • Customized… Continue Reading →



    This package combines the best nutrition and exercise recommendations for you along with the best Fitness Results Manual to help get you in the game, keep you in the game…and… Continue Reading →



    Exercise without nutrition is just a lot of sweat and hard work. You can be the healthiest, strongest, and fittest you can be without all the guess work! This package… Continue Reading →

  • Personal Training

    You come to me or I’ll come to you! We can even train outside for some free Vitamin D on a sunny day! When you purchase a 10 hour pre-paid… Continue Reading →

    $65 / hr
    $550 / 10hr Training Package
  • Comprehensive Nutritional Assessment

    Whether you suffer from diabetes, digestive disorders, inflammatory conditions, thyroid imbalance, PMS, high blood pressure, fatigue, or inability to lose weight; you can restore your health by making the right… Continue Reading →

  • DIY Customized 6 Week Training Program

    I will design your workout, based on; your goals, level of fitness, equipment or bodyweight (or both) for you to do on your own. Check in with me daily for… Continue Reading →

  • Customized 6 Week Online Training Program

    Do you want to get in shape but can’t afford to hire a personal trainer? Do you exercise regularly but have reached a plateau in your progress? Are you a… Continue Reading →

  • Customized 4 Week Meal Plan

    Customized 4 Week Meal Plan

    Your personalized menu plan will be designed based on your goals, food sensitivities, and health concerns. Your nutritional habits assessment is all I need to get started on a healthy,… Continue Reading →

  • Energy Requirements Analysis

    With overwhelming information out there on what foods to eat and when, recommended serving sizes, and countless diet plans it can be a daunting task to figure out how much… Continue Reading →


    Summerside Bootcamp! Spring (May and June) Bootcamp – Mondays/Wednesdays/Saturdays Fall (September and October) Bootcamp – Mondays/Wednesdays/Saturdays Outdoor sessions are held in Carroll Park (Summerside neighbourhood in London, Ontario) Suitable for… Continue Reading →

    $250.00 for FULL CAMP (25 sessions)
  • Nutrition Counseling (Online)

    This is an easy way to address your nutrition questions and/or minor health concerns without leaving home! This session is limited to three questions per discussion.(related to your main health… Continue Reading →

    $65 via email consultation
  • Nutrition Counseling (In Person)

    Your 45 minute session may be used to address your nutrition questions and/or minor health concerns or as follow-up to a Comprehensive Nutritional Assessment.

    $75 / 45min Session
  • Customized 4 Week Meal Plan

    Essential Oils Education

    Discover the many benefits and uses of Essential Oils in your home, for your health, and the overall wellness of your family! Schedule a class in your home at no… Continue Reading →

  • Bridal Services

    Are you a size 12 and hoping to fit into your size 8 dress for your big day? I WILL make sure you are READY! I offer a variety of… Continue Reading →

  • The Fitness Results Manual

    If you’ve already read and mastered the Free Fitness Tool Kit and you’re ready to take your fitness to the next level…get ready! The Fitness Results manual is for YOU!… Continue Reading →

  • Public Services

    Is your organization looking for ways to incorporate employee wellness initiatives? Engaging your staff in fun activities can enhance the workplace environment in ways you never imagined.  Show them you… Continue Reading →

    TBD / Available Upon Request
  • Dreaming BIG Being BOLD – Book

    Dreaming Big Being Bold Volume 3 is an International Best Selling book! A collection of inspiring Stories from Trailblazers, Visionaries and Change Makers. Featuring some amazing co-authors: DENISE LALONDE, Carol… Continue Reading →